Relationships with retail buyers, category managers, and executive management teams

  • Clear and in-depth understanding of retailer's operations
  • Understanding of retailer's needs, strengths, and practices


The Pet Firm has experience being a trained observer of the Pet Specialty Industry. We use experience and historical data to establish success and failure criteria for your product. We can help you with targeted marking strategies to position your product and your promotions in the most effective way.

Product Development

  • Industry knowledge on what's hot, what's selling, and what's trending
  • Develop and improve packaging
  • Assist with strategic price points
  • Opportunity gaps

Promotion development

  • Current trends and existing environments that help product move
  • IRC placement
  • Promotional pricing
  • Displays
  • In-Store demonstrations
  • Secondary locations and end-caps
  • New item launch
  • Store associate education


Our collaborative approach will uniquely promote your product in various ways and help you get the best bang for your buck.

  • Associate education model
  • Dispersal of features & benefits and literature at the store level
  • IRC development and placement
  • Identify and ensure promotional pricing
  • Help develop and place promotional displays
  • Use data to target optimal in store demonstrations
  • Find, secure and deliver secondary locations and endcaps
  • Most successful and effective new item launch